Sales Conditions

Sales conditions Città del sole - Natura e...

Preamble: The offer and sale of products on the Cittadelsole.Com - Natura-E.Com website are governed by the following general conditions of sale.
The products purchased on the website are sold by:

Triboo Digitale S.r.l.
con sede legale in Viale Sarca 336, 20126 - Milano, Italia
partita IVA e numero di iscrizione al Registro delle Imprese di Milano 02912880966
  • "Triboo" is the company selling "Città del sole - Natura e..." goods through the Città del sole - Natura e... website;
  • The "Goods" are the products listed in the Città del sole - Natura e... catalogue and/or authorized by Città del sole - Natura e... to be sold by Triboo on the Città del sole - Natura e... website.
  • The "Client" is the purchaser of the Goods, with consumer status, intended as physical and legal persons purchasing goods not for business or professional reasons.
  • The "Website": all Città del Sole webpages.
  • The "Prices": are the costs of the Goods as reported on the website;
  • The "Shipping costs": are the costs incurred to ship the goods;
  • The "Promotions": are the sales made by Triboo at particular conditions of all or some of the Goods and for a limited time;
  • The "Coupons": are distributed occasionally by Triboo in agreement with Città del sole - Natura e... and guarantee a discount percentage on future purchases according to what it is stated thereon;
  • The "Buoni Gioco": are gift cards that customers may buy and utilize to purchase products in all our stores and on our website
  • The "Shopping cart" is the website’s virtual basket holding the Goods selected by the Client for purchase;
  • The "Conditions of sale": the rules regulating the purchase of Goods between the Client and Triboo.
  • The offer and sale on the Città del sole - Natura e... website integrate a distance contract governed by articles 50 ff. of the Legislative Decree of 6 September 2005, no. 206 (Consumers’ Code of Rights), as well as by the Legislative Decree of 9 April 2003 no. 70 (the so-called "Law on Electronic Commerce"). The purchase of the products is reserved to end users.
  • The present Conditions of Sale govern the relations between the Client and "Triboo Digitale S.r.l." regarding the sale of the Products sold by "Triboo Digitale S.r.l." on this website.
  • The Client is required to carefully read the terms and conditions of sale that "Triboo Digitale S.r.l." has made available in order to allow the Client to reproduce and memorise the above-mentioned Conditions, according to Art. 12 – Par. 3° of the Legislative Decree no. 70/2003.
  • To purchase the Goods, the Client must register, providing his/her personal data and following the instructions provided by the registration program; the Client must send Triboo the electronic purchase order form available on the website, following the instructions thereon. Purchase order forms must be correctly and completely filled in.
  • The Client must place the selected Good(s) into the Shopping cart and, after having viewed and agreed to the shipping costs indicated, may proceed to the purchase.
  • Should the Client need to change the order or some of the data therein, s/he must do so according to the specific procedure indicated in the website. In particular, the Client may change the quantity of Goods for purchase, adding or subtracting one or more Goods to his/her Shopping cart.
  • Having completed this operation, the Client will be shown a summary of his/her order, including shipping costs, with a further request to confirm the purchase.
  • After the summary, the Client will have to select the preferred method of payment, i.e. cash on delivery, credit card or PayPal, then click the "Confirm order" button.
  • By sending the order, the Client agrees to fully acknowledge and accept all the Conditions of sale and any other information provided on the website.
  • Triboo’s order receipt sent to the Client at the specified e-mail address will constitute proof of acceptance of the contract.
  • The contract shall be considered entered into and binding for both parties the moment the order confirmation is sent to the Client.
  • The order confirmation shall be sent by Triboo by e-mail and shall report the Good(s) purchased, the price, the method of payment, the shipping costs, the right to cancel according to the Italian Law (Art.13 del D.Lgs. n. 70/03);
  • The Client may at any time check the content of the purchase contracts entered into by using the online tracking function, allowing him/her to access his/her order history. Such data will be online for 12 months starting from the date of delivery of the Goods.
  • All prices are in Euros and include all applicable taxes.
  • The prices of the Goods do not include shipping costs, which shall however be shown to the Client in the purchase summary.
  • The price of the Goods shall be the one shown on the website at the time of purchase. Therefore, no increases or decreases in the price shall be valid, even with respect to promotional sales held previously or subsequently to the purchase order.
  • The Client may select one of four different methods of payment:
    1. Cash on delivery (€ 3,00 cost) (applies to orders smaller than € 400,00 and for domestic deliveries only)
    2. Credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, PostePay)
    3. PayPal (account PayPal + credit card Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Aura, Maestro)
  • Cash on delivery applies to orders smaller than € 400,00 and for domestic deliveries only (excluding orders that contain customized products). The Client shall pay the precise amount stated in the order, directly to the courier, on delivery. The courier shall not be authorized to give change or to accept bankers checks or drafts.
  • Credit cards The Client shall provide the requested data, which will be managed directly by Banca Sella. All information shall be encrypted using encryption systems preventing third parties from accessing it.
    After you have correctly typed in all required information, Banca Sella will send you an e-mail containing a copy of your transaction and Triboo will receive the authorization to deliver the ordered items.
  • PayPal - the Client will fulfill the transaction directly through Paypal: (Paypal is an eBay group company, leader on online payments)

    Standard Paypal, the Customer will be given access to the safe PayPal website. He can enter his account in order to make the payment that will immediately be processed on Paypal. After the payment confirmation, the Customer will be taken to the confirmation page of his order. The customer will be informed about his payment through an "immediate notification of payment", PayPal's e-mail notification.
    Customers will also choose the common procedure of credit card payment.
    Paypal express, the Customer will be taken to Paypal safe website through the command Check out with Paypal. The customer will be asked to select the payment mode and the correct address for shipment and billing, and then will be taken back to, in order to permanently confirm his purchase. Such operation completed, in case it was successful, the system will send the Customer a confirmation by e-mail.
    Through express payment the Customer completes the order directly on, not on Paypal's website.
    Without a PayPal account the Customer can fulfill his/her online transaction by either credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Aura or Maestro).
  • Goods shall be delivered by courier. Delivery times shall vary depending on the destination, the moment in which the order is received, and the availability of the Goods themselves. Each single item’s availability shall be reported on the product data / information sheet.
  • We use BRT Corriere Espresso and Nexive as transporters.
    Corriere BRTCorriere Nexive
  • The Client may check the delivery status by entering his/her User ID and Password in the login area and selecting the right-hand column called “Your orders”, or by phoning the Customer Service at +39.02.9475.5559 (domestic and international calls).
  • Upon receiving the goods, the Client shall check the following:
  • That the parcel is perfectly sealed. If the parcel is not whole or is damaged in any way, the Client shall immediately bring any complaints or objections to the attention of the Courier; otherwise, the Goods shall be deemed correctly delivered and accepted.
  • In case of absence of the Client (Client not at home), the Courier shall leave a notice notifying him/her of the delivery attempt, with instructions to arrange another delivery within the following 72 hours. After this lapse of time, the goods shall automatically be returned to Triboo’s warehouse.
  • DELIVERY TIME: Triboo will ship the merchandise within the time-frame indicated on the website (for example availability: 24/48 hours, the order will be shipped in 48 hours at the latest); delivery times (courier/customer) depend on the delivery address and may vary from 24 to 72 hours.
  • The following shipping costs for national deliveries apply*:

    Orders < 39,00 Euros Orders ≥ 39,00 euros Cash on delivery
    only for orders smaller than € 400,00
    € 4,90 FREE € 3,00
  • FREE in-store delivery and pick-up.
  • It is not possibile to request a specific delivery date or time.
  • All our deliveries are entrusted to express couriers that do not offer this service. We, therefore, ask you to choose an address where there is always someone present to accept the order. You may modify the shipping address before placing the order or during the registration process.

    *Except for deliveries in remote areas where S&H costs are defined by the express couriers.
  • The Client may also purchase and receive products outside Italy. The delivery rates vary from country to country. Payment will only be possible by credit card (with PayPal account) or through PayPal credit account.
  • The delivery rate depends on the destination and the weight, which will be calculated automatically and may be verified on completing the order and, at any rate, before the order is confirmed.
  • Triboo Digitale S.r.l. does not assure any shipment to Extra EU countries/difficult destinations (Canary Island, Melilla, Ile de la Réunion, and so on). It is possible to send us a message before making an order, pointing out the delivery address for more information. Additional fees and different delivery estimation may be applied according to the area.
  • Triboo Digitale S.r.l. will deliver the goods to the Courier in the shortest time possible and, at any rate, no later than 30 days from the day the order is placed.
  • Country < 2 Kg.* 2 - 10 Kg.* 10 - 25 Kg.* 25 - 50 Kg.* 50 - 100 Kg.* > 100 Kg.*
    Austria (AT)
    Belgium (BE)
    Denmark (DK)
    France (FR)
    Great Britain (GB)
    Germany (DE)
    Luxembourg (LU)
    Netherlands (NL)
    Portugal (PT)
    Spain (ES)
    € 10,00 € 22,00 € 30,00 € 65,00 € 100,00 € 100,00
    for 100 kg.
    Rest of the world Please contact our Customer care service at +39.02.9475.5559
    The weight - calculated in Kilograms - is to be considered dimensional or volumetric weight (based on the space occupied in the box).
  • For in-store deliveries (credit card or Paypal payment only), you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You may go to the store only AFTER receiving said E-MAIL, bringing with you an ID and a copy of the e-mail, within 15 working days. In case of pick-up by third parties (i.e. someone other than the person who placed the order), it will be necessary to bring to the store a copy of the e-mail, a signed proxy and the delegated's ID.
  • FREE in-store delivery and pick-up.
  • In agreement with Città del sole - Natura e..., Triboo Digitale S.r.l. may place inside parcels, or send by e-mail, discount coupons to be used by the date indicated on the coupons themselves.
  • Coupon shall be entered in the order summary page and activated by clicking on the “activate coupon” button. The system shall automatically update the total amount of the order to the net price minus the coupon’s value.
  • Coupons may be cumulated with other commercial promotions only where clearly stated.
  • Promotions advertised on the website are valid from the time they are published on the Triboo homepage reporting the promotion.
  • The system shall automatically enter the promotion into the shopping cart and therefore no exception may be asked of our customer support service staff.
  • The Promotion "Free shipping for orders of more than xxxx Euros" applies only to deliveries in Italy with a volumetric weight between 0-6 Kg. All orders weighing will receive a discount equal to the value of the national shipping cost.
  • Triboo, in agreement with Città del sole - Natura e..., may send Clients Free goods. No right to replacement shall apply to Free goods.
  • Our Buoni Gioco are gift cards that customers may buy and utilize to purchase products in all our stores and on our website
    • Available amounts: 25,00 Euros | 50,00 Euros
    • Validity: 12 months from the purchase date
    • Purchase: in all Città del sole storesand online on
    • Use: in all Italian Città del sole stores and online on

    Terms and conditions:
    • They may not be converted into cash, refunded or replaced in case of loss, theft, or in case they are not redeemed by the expiration date
    • They are to be used once for all types of products, even the ones that are on sale, without a minimum purchase
    • They may not be used to buy other gift cards
    • They may not be used to buy customizable backpacks
    • When used, they do not give the right to change (if the value of the product purchased is inferior to the value of the gift card)
    • If the order exceeds the value of the gift card, the difference must be paid by credit card or any other method of payment allowed
    • Not combinable: you may use only one gift card per order
    • Città del sole and Triboo are not accountable for the loss, theft, damage or unauthorized use of the gift cards
    • For purchases with gift cards, the Use and Sale general conditions of still apply
  • Periodically in "the cart" will be activated the possibility to receive our gift bags to facilitate the shopping for your presents.
  • Bag sizes: Small 31 x 41 cm | Big 45 x 53 cm
  • Our automated system will allow you to:
    a) choose the size that best suits your needs
    b) you will be entitled to a gift bag for every 40 Euros spent
    c) the maximum number of gift bags allowed is the same as the number of products present in your order
  • Do you need more gift bags?
    In the Special requests for shipping and delivery type the number and size of the gift bags you still need and if we can, we will gladly do it.
  • Products purchased from the Triboo website are subject, wherever possible, to the Italian Law “Art. 128”.
  • This guarantee shall apply to goods showing faults or defects not apparent at the time of purchase, providing the goods are correctly employed with all the due diligence, i.e. for the provided uses and according to the technical documentation and following the instructions provided.
  • In case of faulty goods the Client should contact our customer service (through an e-mail to to organize repair/pick-up for domestic orders. For international orders shipping fees will at the expense of the Customer.
  • Remember to place the Guarantees and faulty goods pdf correctly filled out in the box, complete with the "Guarantees and faulty goods authorization code (RMA)" that you will receive by emailing ( our Customer Care, along with the product you intend to return.
  • Click here to download the Faulty goods replacement form

  • In the eventuality that the Product/s were no longer available, Triboo Digitale S.r.l. will reimburse the value of the merchandise as it appears in the order and the original shipping and handling costs within 14 working days after receipt of the faulty item.
    The order will be refunded using the same payment method used by the customer when when he/she placed the order.
  • Extended warranty
    Regardless of the manufacturer's warranty relative to any specific product, our company will extend the warranty to 24 months, starting from delivery date, as long as the warranty technical specifications are complied with (Art. 128 and ss. D.Lgs. 206/05 relative to sales contracts and consumer goods warranties).
  • Notwithstanding the exceptions under art. 59 of the Italian Consumer Code, the Client shall exercise the right to cancel the contract without incurring in liabilities or specifying the reasons.
  • In case of right to cancel, the Client shall inform Triboo Digitale S.r.l. (through an e-mail to within 30 days from the receipt of the product. Triboo Digitale S.r.l. will proceed at its own costs to retrieve the Product by courier for domestic orders, for international orders shipping fees will at the expense of the Customer.
  • Remember to place the Right to cancel pdf correctly filled out in the box, complete with the "Right to cancel authorization code" that you will receive by emailing ( our Customer Care, along with the product you intend to return.
  • Click here to download the Right to cancel form

  • If the Client withdraws from this contract, a refund of all payments received will be effected, including the costs of delivery (with the exception of the supplementary costs resulting from the choice of a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered by us), without undue delay and in any event no later than 14 days from exercising the right of withdrawal. Such refunds shall be effected using the same means of payment used by the Client for the initial transaction, unless the Client requests the refund via a different means of payment, in which case the Client will be charged for any additional fees incurred as a result of the choice of such means. We may withhold the refund until we have received the returned goods or the Client has supplied evidence of having despatched the goods, whichever is the earliest.
  • The Client is liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. Therefore, if the returned goods are found to be damaged (for instance showing signs of wear, abrasion, nicks, scratches, deformation, etc.), not complete with all parts and accessories (including unaltered labels still attached to the product), unaccompanied by the instructions/notes/manuals supplied, the original packaging and packing and the original warranty, if any, the Client shall be accountable for the decreased value of the product, and be entitled to receive a refund equal to the residual value of the Product. To this purpose, it is highly recommended for Client not to handle the product other than as strictly necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the same, and to use the original packaging of the Products plus further protective packaging that will keep them intact and protect them from writing or labels.
  • PRIVACY INFORMATION NOTICE - Art. 13 Leg. Decree 196/2003
  • With this Privacy Information document drawn up in accordance with the provisions of Art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 Personal Data Protection Code (hereafter, the "Code"), Città del sole srl, with registered office in via Via Paleocapa 6 - 20121 Milano - tax code, VAT number and Business Register number Milano 01362880153, ("Città Del Sole") and Triboo Digitale S.r.l., with registered office in Milan (Italy), viale Sarca 20126, edificio 16, Post Code 336, tax code, VAT number and Milan Business Register number 02912880966 ("TD"), who act as joint Data Controllers (hereafter, jointly, the "Joint Data Controllers"), and, via the same, intend to supply all useful information pursuant to the processing of the personal data that is performed following the Site registration process (hereafter the "Site") and those who purchase products sold on the same.
  • If you wish to complete the registration process and/or use the Site services offered to those accessing the reserved areas (e.g make a purchase and instrumental activities to the same, including operations relating to administrative and tax obligations etc., please complete the fields below and accept this Information Notice. Conferral of data pursuant to the registration form and/or the purchase of products is not compulsory. However, we must inform you that the aforementioned conferral is required to process your order and complete the contract formalities. Your refusal may make it impossible for us to complete the product purchase process and/or provide the requested services. All collected personal data shall be processed mainly using electronic systems and, only very occasionally, paper based systems.
  • To conduct activities functional to the sale of products via this Site, TD processes, in its capacity as joint Data Controller and in accordance with the applicable privacy code, user data such as name and surname, residence and information on credit cards used by users (such as first and last name of the card holder, card number, expiration date, security code.
  • Collection of your data is not compulsory, but such data is however required to complete the Site registration process and complete your purchase transactions. If you decide not to grant your consent to the collection of your data, we will not be able to provide the services you requested.
  • TD processes the data of those visiting and shopping at the Site for the sole purpose of managing such activity, and to complete and process the commercial transactions for those purchasing products via the Site, such as: order management, sale of products, registration of Site users. Therefore, the Data Controller for the processing of personal data in relation to all the other activities, including those which are not functional to the sale of products via the Site (such as, by way of example and not limited to, the delivery of products, claims management, RMA management, mailing of advertising materials, commercial communication, promotions,) is exclusively CITTÀ DEL SOLE.
  • Each Joint Data Controller decides the scope and processing methods to be implemented and the tools to be used as far as security measures are concerned.
  • CITTÀ DEL SOLE may also use your personal data to send emails advertising its products and services, similar to those purchases, unless you refuse this option by exercising your right of opposition as per the procedures below (art. 130 paragraph 4 Legislative Decree 196/2003.
  • Transfer of your personal data outside the European Union is not contemplated. Should the same become necessary, the Data Controller shall be accountable for requesting your specific consent.
  • Moreover, where express consent is granted, your personal data may also be processed by CITTÀ DEL SOLE for marketing purposes such as the electronic mailing of promotional material to the email address you provided, on products and services different to those already purchased, news, promotions, market research and/or statistics and customer satisfaction surveys.
  • This does not include the data relating to your Credit card, which is excluded for any purposes other than checking the existence of such payment means, the payment received and the management of payments further to claim management and contentious procedures. To this purpose, the data will also be processed by the Bank that provides the online payment service, further to the entity that issued the credit card you use to confirm your order.
  • Please contact the Customer Care service for a complete list of those designated to processing your Personal Data or send an e-mail to the following addresses for CITTÀ DEL SOLE and for Triboo Digitale.
  • The categories of those designated to processing the data for the aforementioned purposes, include staff assigned to website management, administration, customer care services, marketing activities (where consent is granted), IT systems and third parties who process data on our behalf (such as, for instance, IT service maintenance, couriers and carriers, legal advisers, enterprises assigned to the realisation and/or management of promotional campaigns, etc.); they can also be disclosed to the public entities authorised to receive the same.
  • As foreseen by art. 7 of the Code, which for completeness of data is attached to this Notice, you are entitled to obtain the updating, rectification or integration, erasure and anonymisation of the data. You can also oppose the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes or for sending commercial communications, by contacting CITTÀ DEL SOLE at the above indicated mailing addresses or by sending an email to The same procedures can be used to request the complete updated list of the Chief Data Processors.
  • Art. 7 L.D. no. 196/2003 (Rights to access personal data and other rights).
  • 1. The Data Subject has the right to request confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning you exists, regardless of their being already recorded, and communication of such data in an intelligible form.
    2. The Data Subject has the right to obtain indications on:
    a) the source of the personal data;
    b) the purposes and methods of the processing;
    c) the logic applied to the processing, if the latter is carried out with the aid of electronic means;
    d) the identification data concerning the Data Controller, data processors and the representative designated as per Section 5(2);
    e) the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated or who may become aware of such data in their capacity as Representatives for the Country, Chief Processors or Designated Officers.
    3. The Data Subject has the right to obtain:
    a) updating, rectification or, where interested therein, integration of the data;
    b) erasure, anonymisation or blocking of data that have been processed unlawfully, including data whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which they have been collected or subsequently processed;
    c) certification to the effect that the operations as per letters a) and b) have been notified, as also related to their contents, to the entities to whom or which the data were communicated or disseminated, unless this requirement proves impossible or involves a manifestly disproportionate effort compared with the right that is to be protected.
    4. The Data Subject is entitled to oppose, totally or partially:
    a) on legitimate grounds, the processing of personal data concerning him/her, even though they are relevant to the purpose of the collection;
    b) the processing of personal data concerning him/her, where it is carried out for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct selling or else for the performance of market or commercial communication surveys.
  • In accordance with the provisions of the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data (hereafter the "GUARANTOR") issued on 8 May 2014 entitled Identification of the simplified procedures for the Information Note and the obtaining of consent for the use of cookies (hereinafter the "COOKIE LAW") Triboo Digitale S.r.l. - a Triboo Group company - with registered office in Viale Sarca 336 20126 Milan, Italy, tax code, VAT number and Milan Business Register number 02912880966, ("TRIBOO DIGITALE") and Città del sole srl, sede legale in Via Paleocapa 6 – 20121 Milano – C.F., P.IVA e R.I. Milano 01362880153 ("CITTÀ DEL SOLE"), in their capacity as joint Data Controllers (hereafter, jointly, the "Joint Data Controllers"), intend to inform users as follows.
  • This document is an integral part of the Information Note on the Processing of Personal Data, available at the following link: Privacy.
  • The internet website (hereafter "SITE") uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.
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    • Technical and statistical cookies
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      Technical Cooides used by the Owner may be sorted into the following categories:

      • Navigation Cookies, through which navigation favourites can be saved and User navigation experience improved;
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          They are analytics, permanent and anonymous cookies and are therefore installed through the Site without the Visitor's prior consent.

          - ShinyStat™ Cookie Policy:
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          You are free to block the installation of analytics cookies in any moment whatsoever and this will not compromise in any manner whatsoever the possibility to visit the Website and benefit of its contents.
          For those who exercise the opt-out option, Triboo Data Analytics will not collect any statistical data through its systems.
      • Functionality Cookies, also of third parties, used to enable special functions of this site and needed in order to supply or improving the service. For the installation and use of such Cookies, User assent is not needed.
    • Other kind of Cookies or third tools that could make use
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      Being that the installation of Cookies and other tracking systems made by third parties through services used in this website cannot be controlled by the Owner, every clue to Cookies and other tracking systems installed by third parties must be considered as indicative. For more information, please consult the privacy policy of possible third services in this document.
      Given the clear complexity of identification of technology based Cookies and their integration with web functioning, the User is encouraged to contact the Owner for any further information about Cookie usage – also by third parties – made through this site.
      The identification data of the joint Data Controllers processing user data is provided at the beginning of this information notice.

      The updated list of the Chief Processors appointed by the same is available at the headquarters of the joint Data Controllers. Those wishing to view the list can send a request for a complete copy to the following email address for Città del sole and to for Triboo Digitale.

      In relation to the Site, please be advised in particular that:

      a) the data is collected for the sole purposes stated in this Cookie Policy or the Privacy Policy, which is considered an essential and integral part of the same;

      b) data is processed using electronic means, in accordance with the requirements of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, the Italian “Personal Data Protection Code” (the “CODE”) and the Guarantor;

      c) the use of technical cookies, as stated above, does not require the prior consent of users as they are essential in order to allow them to browse the Site and ensure it functions correctly;

      d) if the technical cookies are removed by the browser settings, it may be completely or partially impossible to navigate the websites;

      e) the collected data can only be communicated to the subjects who act on behalf of the joint Data Controllers as the Chief Processors or Designated Officers for the analogous or otherwise related purposes to those described above.

      f) users are entitled to exercise the rights granted by art. 7 of the Code (as provided below for the sake of clarity), at any moment in time and without any formality, by contacting the joint Data Controllers: by email to for Città del sole and/or to or by post to the headquarters of Triboo Digitale, Viale Sarca 336, 20126 Milan.

For any further information or queries about terms and conditions or about the products, Clients may call +39.02.9475.5559 or send an e-mail to

The Conditions of Sale and any sales contracts signed between Triboo and the Consumer under these general conditions of sale shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Italian laws in force and, in particular, with the regulations on consumption with specific reference made to the regulations concerning distance contracts , and in accordance with the Legislative Decree no. 70 of 9 April 2003 concerning all e-commerce aspects. This is without prejudice to any rights granted to Consumers by binding provisions in force in the Consumer's country of residence.
In the event of a dispute between Triboo and the Consumer, we hereby undertake to attempt to reach an amicable settlement which Consumers can submit to the RisolviOnline service, an independent settlement service provided by the Board of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, which provides the possibility to reach a satisfactory agreement, with the assistance of an impartial and expert Arbitrator, in an amicable and secure manner on the internet. For further information on the RisolviOnline regulations or to submit a settlement request, please visit the website at
As an alternative to the settlement proposed in art. 14.2 above, the Consumer is also entitled to access the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform (European ODR Platform) to resolve any disputes between Triboo and the Consumer. The European ODR Platform is developed and managed by the European Council implementing Directive no. 2013/11/EU and Regulation (EU) no. 524/2013, to provide out-of-court solutions that are independent, impartial, transparent, simple, efficient, fast and low-cost ways of resolving domestic and cross-border disputes which arise from online sales or service contracts between a Consumer residing in the EU and a professional residing in the EU by means of the intervention by an ADR entity (Alternative Dispute Resolution) providing such services, as seen in the list provided. For further informations on the European ODR Platform, or to submit a complaint and start alternative termination procedures concerning the dispute relating to this contract, please use the following link: The Triboo’s email address to be reported to the European ODR Platform is as follows:
If no settlement attempt is made, as reported at the previous paragraphs, or the attempt is not successful, the Court of Milan is assigned exclusive jurisdiction for all such disputes, except where this provision cannot be applied due to binding provisions in force in the Consumer's country of residence.