CittÓ del sole develops its sales network prevalently by franchising.

The history

It all began in Milan in 1972 with the opening of a new and innovative shop in Via Meravigli that was immediately much talked about because of its original toys and games. The idea behind CittÓ del Sole quickly began to grow, especially when, alongside stores managed directly by the company, new stores that used the franchising formula were opened. Franchising offers all the advantages of a national organisation together with those of a direct management by local people that know the needs and preferences of their clientele. Today there are more than 70 shops in all of Italy that bear the name CittÓ del Sole and their number is increasing continuously.


It is possible to open a CittÓ del Sole shop on certain conditions and as long as there isnĺt an existing store in your city. The new shop must have the same characteristics as the others in the chain but it will be managed and administrated by the same person that opened it and assumed the costs. Except in some absolutely extraordinary cases we do not advise nor authorise the opening of a new store in towns or cities having less than 30.000 inhabitants.


Contact us directly and we will give you all the information that you will need on how to open your own CittÓ del Sole shop.

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