The illustrator of the year
This year's edition of Illustrator of the year has come to an end.
The winner is LETIZIA RUBEGNI.

We have called this initiative Illustrator of the year, not because we cherish the ambition of electing the best illustrator of this year, but because we wish to select what we think the best project for a calendar destined to children aged 2-6/7. For 19 years we have been publishing a calendar illustrated by well-known authors for our best clients, which can be seen further down on this page.

At the beginning of 2008 we have decided to call for a competition among young illustrators from all over the world for our next calendars, and this selection has led us to publish the last 19 beautiful calendars We now want to continue on this path.

If you are interested, please send an illustration of a month to by April 26th 2019, together with a few indications as to how you intend to develop the whole project. Your indications can come either in the form of a short descriptive text (in Italian or in English), or of a set of sketches (at least one per season). Don't forget to clearly state your name and surname, place and date of birth, postal and email address; if you feel it useful, you can join a short CV and a list of publications.

Images must be in jpeg format and not exceed 3MB. Proposals arriving after April 26th 2019, will not be considered. Illustrations received by post will not be returned. The illustrations will have to be unpublished, original and never before used for any type of contests. They may not have been published on any blog or website as well.

By May 24th, we will invite 3 to 5 candidates to develop their work by sending four illustrations (one per season) within the next forty days (deadline July 5th, 2019); one of them can be the original illustration, which may be further elaborated. This set of illustrations must consist of paper images, either hand-colored or printed from a digital image, the former to be returned to unsuccessful candidates. Every candidate taking part in this second stage will receive an expenses allowance of 350 Euros. The selected candidate will be directly contacted and invited to develop by September 20th 2019 the thirteen images required for the calendar (twelve months plus cover).

An all-inclusive contribution of 3,500 Euros will be awarded for the making of the calendar.

Città del sole reserves the right to postpone the specified deadline (any changes will be communicated to all those concerned), or to unappealably call off the initiative should the received illustrations not meet the expectations.

Calendar size is 31x31 cm closed and 31x62h cm open. The space allowed for each month is cm 31x62h, including the months calendar table. The 3/5 successful candidates will have to include the graphics in the final project.

For a child of about 3, a calendar is the base for a long learning process that will continue into its first school years. In proposing a calendar as a gift to young Città del sole users, we commit to sponsoring an operation in line with our attitude towards toys. Indeed, we do not intend this calendar to teach children about the year and months and seasons, but only to allow them to experiment the emotions of a year painted by an artist. This implies that the illustrator, in designing the calendar general project, must be her/himself as much as possible - even perhaps a younger self - as if s/he were depicting the story of her/his dream year, made of ideal seasons and months.

2019 Letizia Rubegni
Winner of the 2018/2019 edition

2018 Marta Alacevich
Familiar landscapes

2017 Daniela Beracochea
Imaginary friends

2016 Daniela Pareschi
Casting 2016

2015 Erika Cunja
A year on the ark

2014 Silvia Baroncelli
A year to leaf through

2013 Richolly Rosazza
2013 calendar

2012 Barbara Cantini
A stroll in fairytales...

2011 David Pintor
2011 calendar

2010 Marco Trevisan
The year of the fox

2009 Anna Castagnoli
2009 calendar

2008 Nikolaj Popov
2008 calendar

2007 Sophie Fatus
year Astro not very logical

2006 Anne Herbauts
The year of ANNE

2005 Altan
The calendar based on Emilio's book

2004 Andrè Dahan
Twelve dreams

2003 Leo Lionni
Leo Lionni's calendar

2002 Nikolaj Popov
Fantastical calendar

2001 Claudia Melotti
The calendar for children

2000 Nicoletta Costa
The calendar of animals