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Flying lanterns date back to an ancient Chinese tradition, yearly repeating during Chinese New Year`s Day in February from about 2000 years: thousands of people gather to write a wish on the lanterns and make them fly in the sky. Flying lanterns work by the same principle regulating the flight of hot-hair balloons: the air inside the lantern gets hot, due to the fuel, and molecules in the air excite, becoming lighter and less thick and allowing the lantern to fly. They are made of 100% biodegradable paper, and the surface of the paper is covered with not inflammable material: it can fly for about 15 minutes and it falls to the ground only when the flame heating the air has extinguished. Size open: 100 cm height, 40 cm diameter.

Packaging dimensions: width 39 cm - height 41 cm - depth 1 cm
Weight: 0.11 Kg.
Instructions: Display

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In carta ignifuga, biodegradabile al 100%, struttura in bamboo, bruciatore in cartone paraffinato e cordino in fibra di vetro.

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